Thursday, August 30, 2012

The death of a Jew-hater

There is a lot of outrage on the net today over an Israeli court giving the "wrong" verdict over the death of a pro-Palestinian protester, Rachel Corrie, in March, 2003.  She was run over by an Israeli bulldozer while trying to be a "human shield" to protect a Palestinian terrorist site.  The IDF has always held that the driver of the bulldozer did not see her before he ran over her. He was driving a large and heavily armored bulldozer with small slits for vision.  The court upheld the driver's account.

The interesting thing to me is the close-up picture that accompanies many of the stories.  It  portrays her as a quiet and serious young woman in what could be a studio portrait (though even in a studio portrait they could not get her to smile).  You can search high and low on the net to find a picture that gives any other impression  of her.  Being an old guy, however, I have certain records and one of them has produced a picture of her that is what the bulldozer driver would have seen if he had been looking down.  A picture is worth a 1,000 words, I think.  The stock picture followed by the "forgotten" picture below.  The forgotten picture shows her at a rally shortly beforehand.

Even in the above picture she looks rather angry

A face of hate

If anyone is to blame in the matter it is the parents who indoctrinated her with their Leftist hates.  May their grief help them to repent.  The love of Christ would not have led them into the Devil's kingdom.

Rachel Corrie believed in Israel

I don't know if anybody else has pointed this out  -- they probably have  -- but the Israel-hating Rachel Corrie showed by her actions  that she recognized Israel's moral superiority. Why didn't she hop out of the way at the last minute instead of getting run over by the bulldozer?  I certainly would have in her shoes. 

But the reason why she did not is clear:  She clearly had absolute confidence that the bulldozer would stop at the last moment.  Her  only mistake was in assuming that the driver would see her lying on the ground in front of him.  Had it been a Palestinian bulldozer I cannot imagine anyone not being prepared to hop out of the way.  But Rachel Corrie was clearly not so prepared.

By her own actions she betrayed more than any words could do that she knew Israel was not the moral monstrosity that she claimed it was.  Her death was an unintentional  tribute to Israel.  She knew in her heart where the virtue was.  And coming from an enemy of Israel, the tribute is all the more impressive.  She was hate-filled but she knew the truth.

A trenchant comment from Israel about her here.

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